Manpower Consultancy in Vadodara

We offer industrial manpower supply for various technical specifications for professional services.

Why Choose Siya for your company?

A rich and varied manpower consultancy experience enables us to assist your organization in recruiting talented individuals across designations. With diverse expertise across industries and verticals, we help you identify exactly the candidates you need. Looking for the best manpower agency in Vadodara? Your search ends here. Join hands with Siya today and let us take care of your hiring woes.

Skilled Manpower

Skill is an evolution of a person’s proficiency, wages, and the specialization in a field. Skilled employees usually get higher salaries and rank because they are more trained and responsible as compare to unskilled workers in the company.

Semi-Skilled Manpower

They are of between skilled and unskilled category and are very important for any organization because they provide labour as per required by the skilled workers.

Un-Skilled Manpower

Helper (Fitter, Welder, and Machinist) General Movement of Materials, Feeding of Material etc are including in this category. We are distinctly ahead from our competitors in providing unskilled labour to hundreds of companies.

About us

Leading Manpower Consultancy in Vadodara

SIYA ENTERPRISE is a Manpower consulting company, providing Industrial skilled & manpower services Loading and unloading work. We SIYA ENTERPRISE, are committed to help our clients make smart business decisions at an affordable cost. We strive at providing our clients with easy access to the information, resources and services. SIYA ENTERPRISE, client’s business is our business. We work hard at being the best provider of Industrial skilled & manpower services Loading and unloading work Services. Our commitment to our clients is evident in everything that we do and the way we do it. To continuously engage ourselves in the process of 'Finding Efficient Manpower', Identify New Avenues & Opportunities, Develop Innovative Services that deliver optimum customer satisfaction and to nurture talent to respond to the dynamics of changing requirements & technology.

Tapping into the right channels is key when sourcing candidates. We reach a more targeted demographic, and get the right people on board. Training people as per the required training and organizational development goals. This is crucial for them to be effective in their job. With over 500+ contractual staff on our payroll, we are in a great position to deploy anywhere across Vadodara.

Screened and Pre-checked candidates

The purpose of pre-screening applicants is to eliminate candidates from the hiring pool in order to find the very best.

Competent and well qualified candidates

We provide you qualified candidates who meet all of the requirements.

Perfect matches for vacancies

Matching best talent with best companies.

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Industries we work with


Siya, one of the leading FMCG recruitment agencies, has a pool of talented and vetted individuals who have relevant experience and skills in the FMCG sector.


We maintain a rich database of experienced professionals that are a perfect fit in the logistics industry.


With our breadth of experience in the pharmaceutical and life sciences space, we give you access to the best talent for your niche requirements.


Working closely with our clients we provide staff and contractors at all levels across the entire project life cycle, from low level workforce labour to, engineering.


We have expert labour who load your valuable goods with special care.


Our chemical industry staffing experts have extensive knowledge of the industry to fill key roles.

Our Mission

To be the most efficient and successful in Manpower Services company in India by meeting & exceeding customer expectations.

Our Vision

To bring together a perfect combination of skilled workforce, updated technologies and streamlined process we ensure quality, reliability and reality in working. To achieve our objectives within time limit.

How is your firm handling new Temporary Staffing requirements?

Managing talent while aggressively growing your business in new geographies is not easy. If you are a company with growth plans, it is likely that:

You have expansion plans but they're dependent on how soon you can deploy contractual staff on-site, especially in a short turnaround. Your HR teams are constantly in need of contractual staff, but spend a lot of time sourcing, training, and onboarding them You might need to get extra HR support if you are feeling pushed to the brink. That's where we step in!

We are Prompt Personnel the preferred staffing and HR partner for a large number of leading MNCs and Industrial companies. Here are 3 ways in which we can help you:

  • Volume Hiring of Contractual Staff
  • Managing End to End Payroll Operations
  • Allowing You to Focus on Core Competencies

How Temporary Staffing Can Help You Stay Focused On Growth?

  • Mitigate incorrect hiring risks.
  • Reduce operations costs, improve toplines.
  • Improve scalability, increase alignment with strategy.


These are the great minds that try to walk in our clients’ shoes in order to fully understand their needs and expectations. Without their knowledge and skills, it would be difficult for us.

Sangita Parmar - MD

Sangita Parmar

Sunil Parmar - CEO

Sunil Parmar

Nimesh Pandya - Sales Manager

Nimesh Pandya

Sales Manager
Suresh Raval - Head Supervisor

Suresh Raval

Head Supervisor


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a manpower consultancy?

    A manpower consultancy is an organization offering services such as manpower planning, recruitment support, and talent search. A manpower consultant has two types of customers (1) employer clients (2) job seekers Siya Enterprise is a company offering manpower consultancy services in Vadodara. We help businesses, industries, and many other organizations in Vadodara with market talent mapping, manpower planning, talent pipeline management, and temporary and permanent staffing.

  • The best manpower consultancy in Vadodara is one that can provide exclusive manpower consultancy solutions while also assisting you in reducing recruitment time and cost. Siya Enterprise is one of the best manpower consultancies in Vadodara, assisting businesses in developing the right recruitment models and locating talent on time to meet business requirements and achieve specific objectives.

  • Siya Enterprise employs the best manpower consultancy experts in Vadodara, providing global, regional, and local manpower search and recruitment services. We have a long history of providing excellent services, having served thousands of clients.

  • Manpower consultant charges may vary by the service you request. Siya Enterprise is known for its reasonable pricing models.

  • It depends on which agency you contact. It usually takes 2-3 business days after connecting with manpower consultancy services. Siya Enterprise is known for its prompt responses. Our goal is to respond to anyone who contacts us for consulting services within one business day.


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